Projects: Communication and environmental education

Institutional modernisation for environmental management and planning of the Ministry of Housing, Land Use and Environment of Uruguay

Description of internal processes and analysis of administrative figures identifying critical aspects for improvement and proposing improvements with the aim of enhancing efficiency and optimising performance.

Technical assistance for environmental projects and works promoted by BILBAO RÍA 2000

Support in environmental actions to be developed by Bilbao Ría 2000 within its objectives of recovering degraded areas or run-down industrial areas in the metropolitan area and neighbouring municipalities, from a perspective that envisages the concept of sustainable development and planning.

2010-2016 Bizkaia Urban Waste Prevention Plan

Preparation of an urban waste prevention plan in Bizkaia with the goal of meeting the requirements of the Waste Framework Directive. The Plan includes actions aimed at prevention, both in urban waste generation and in hazardous waste.

Preparation and start-up of Ur Agentzia – Basque Water Agency

Definition of water policy in Euskadi according to the Water Framework Directive in order to ensure access to water for all citizens of the autonomous community of the Basque Country, in a context of respect for the preservation of the environment and work to develop preventive and corrective actions against the risk of flooding.

Assessment and management for environmental noise

Dynamic noise mapping and improvement plan for environmental sound in large areas and infrastructure networks in urban areas.

Energy audits in buildings, lighting and luminance maps

More than 4,000 energy audits in municipal facilities, educational institutions, health facilities, industries, financial institutions… Energy audits of lighting and luminance maps for municipalities.

Preparation programme for energy efficiency projects and renewable energy in urban areas in the Mediterranean Partner Countries

Promotion of development of efficient energy and the implementation of renewable energy in the MPC countries (Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia and Gaza / West Bank).

Information and educational service of the Aula Ecológica del Retiro, Madrid

Comprehensive management of the environment laboratory of the Parque del Retiro in Madrid, along with associated services, such as the programme of school activities, itineraries for the general public and management of the district vegetable garden.

2012-2022 integrated waste management plan in the city of Buenos Aires

Through an analysis of the current waste management, the plan defines the principles, strategies and actions to be developed in the coming years in the city of Buenos Aires, with the aim of advancing in the improvement of waste management.

Design and production of the travelling exhibition “Agua en equilibrio”

Creation, exhibition design, graphic design and production of the exhibition on sustainable water and river management for the Environmental Resource Centre Foundation in Navarra.

Permanent exhibition at the educational centre of the Penyagolosa Natural Park

Preparation of the project and staging of the permanent exhibition at the Natural Park’s educational centre. The exhibition includes a reproduction ofan old farmhouse, an audiovisual and various outdoor elements such as a replica of a charcoal clamp.

Design and production of the travelling exhibition “Open the doors to recycling”

Travelling exhibition on selective waste collection, integrated in the CUENCA PIEMSA project “Information and Strategy Plan for Environmental Improvement and Sustainability in Cuenca Province”, jointly funded by the 2007-2013 Castilla-La Mancha FEDER Programme for the improvement of the environment, environmental sustainability and economic growth in the province.

Campaign to establish the organic fraction of solid waste in Barcelona

Preparation of the communication plan necessary to introduce selective collection of organic matter in Barcelona, definition of the strategy, selection and training of manpower, material for use and publicity, logistics and suppliers.

Programme for awareness raising and urban environmental understanding in Segovia

Design and development of the environmental education programme for school groups of all ages and adult publics and of the corresponding teaching material suited to each educational level, as well as the organisation of various environmental campaigns such as the mobility week and the green homes programme.

Preparation of educational content and design and planning of the Water Laboratory interactive resource

Preparation of content, design and planning of the interactive web resource for understanding and working on different aspects of water. The material is directed at the three cycles of primary education with the intention that pupils and teachers should work over concepts relating to water as a natural resource and a resource for humans.

The Biosphere Reserve of La Rioja, “Starlight Space”

Drafting of the technical report for the “Starlight Reserve” certification, and subsequent recognition of the candidature “Destino Turístico Starlight” and “Reserva de Sonido de Origen Natural”, for its unpolluted night sky and successful use of astronomical resources to promote activities related to nature tourism.

Standardisation of information products for infrastructure networks for companies and local authorities in Álava

Development of a software tool to facilitate the use of information for the state and extent of infrastructures and facilities in towns in Álava, as a planning tool for the actions undertaken to increase the welfare of the rural population in Álava.

Environmental impact study and landscape integration

Advice to the Department of the Environment of Red Eléctrica España for the impact studies of its electrical structures (transport lines and substations), landscape integration projects, study of accesses to the power line support structures, impact reports to Red Natura and initial documents for environmental assessment.

Implementation of the space data infrastructure node in the Basque Water Agency

Improved coordination and networking among all stakeholders involved in the use of the geoinformation under the responsibility of the Basque Water Agency, promoting use of the data and resulting in better information for decision-making in matters relating to water.

Technical assistance for the drafting and support for the processing of the special protection plans for the natural environment and the landscape

Drafting of the special protection plan for the natural environment and the landscape, and processing in accordance with planning legislation.

Project management and monitoring programme for the improvement plan for the Araxe and Urumea rivers

Definition of the work necessary for preserving or restoring the ecological quality of the fluvial sections in the course of the Araxe and Urumea rivers (Guipuzkoa) through the selection of different actions to improve, maintain or restore the river ecosystems and by introducing wood.

Technical support for sustainability in drafting the comprehensive restructuring plan of Palma de Mallorca beach

Advice on environmental strategy evaluation, impact on mobility and sustainable mobility strategies, diagnosis of environmental and landscape issues, and definition of strategies and proposals for sustainable urban development.

Implementation of management plans in the Basque mountains

Drafting of technical plans for sustainable forest management, including document management and digitalisation, determining the relationship between cadastral and registry surface areas, registering and measuring plots, and calculating stock and parameters needed from the data.

Benefits of Urban Green Spaces

The main goal of the programme is to develop an integrated methodology to evaluate the role of green spaces in mitigating the adverse effects of urbanisation. This project is promoted by the European Commission and we participate as partners.

Second and third reports to the “Federación Española de Municipios y Provincias” on local policies to combat climate change

Technical assistance in drafting the second and third reports on local policies to combat climate change to ensure that member municipalities comply with the requirements laid down by the “Network of Cities for Climate” and to report on progress in the fight against climate change.

Preparation of the Action Plan for Sustainable Energy (PAES)

Drafting of the Action Plan for Sustainable Energy (PAES) of various municipalities in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands to define municipal actions to fulfil the goals of the European Union for 2020.

2012-2015 environmental strategic plan for the Grupo Leche Pascual factory in Gurb

Defining actions to be implemented, grouped in strategic approaches which define the steps to be followed for the implementation of the improvement actions, their cost, those responsible for carrying them out, the degree of priority and the indicators for monitoring.

Technical support for the National Office of Electricity of Morocco to conduct various energy and energy economy audits for companies in the country

This project is known by the name of Audit Optima and aims to transfer European knowledge in this area to develop industrial energy audit programmes and establish appropriate funding supported by the European Investment Bank.

Technical assessment for the preparation of an environmental report for the 2020 Basque Energy Strategy

Analysis of documents and actions and environmental evaluation of various studies, reports and technological, energy and industrial analyses undertaken by the Basque Energy Body. This is part of the elaboration process of the Energy Strategy of the Basque Country and the basis for defining policies and strategic objectives.

Strategic Plan for sustainable lighting in Vitoria-Gasteiz: Starlight city

Starlight is an initiative associated to the Covenant of Mayors of the EU, which seeks to combat the causes and harmful effects of light pollution in cities. Generally cities are lighted without intelligent criteria and wasting lighting, increasing costs and increasing the emissions that cause climate change.

Review of environmental criteria for different categories of products and services of the Catalan Government’s distinction of Guaranteed Environmental Quality

Review of the environmental criteria of services and products: service stations and supply units, office networks open to the public, use of office buildings, raw materials and recycled glass, recycled construction aggregates and recycled card and paperboard products.

2010-2011 Grupo Damm Social Responsibility Report

Technical assistance for the development of the content, design and layout of the social responsibility report including the definition of content from a materiality analysis (stakeholder survey), collection, analysis and processing of data and drafting of an executive summary of the report.

Inventory of trees, parks, gardens and green spaces in different municipalities in the Basque Country and in the Community of Madrid

Updating and integration in an IT management application of the inventory of trees in the municipal district, and drafting of the Conservation Plan for the city’s trees.

2009-13 Soundscape in European Cities and Landscape

Action to promote an interdisciplinary and international community for research and practice in the field of landscape and soundscape, with 25 participants from 18 countries and 7 partners from outside Europe, including the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and China. We are part of the management committee.

Preparation of technical reports in the field of proceedings for a declaration of soil quality

Exploratory research, quantitative risk analysis, characterisation of material to be excavated, for the declaration of soil quality according to law 1/2005 of 4 February, for the prevention and correction of soil contamination in the Basque Country.

Technical assistance for the LEED building certification

Support for incorporating environmental criteria and processing of LEED building certification (certification system for sustainable buildings) during the drafting of the executive project and during construction or restoration. Some examples are: the Nestle Dolce Gusto building, the new headquarters of the Ecocert Group, Sant Pau Hospital in Barcelona, and the lavola eco-efficient building.

Technical assistance to the Environmental Sustainability Section of the “Departamento de Obras Públicas y Transporte de la Diputación Foral”, of Bizkaia

Advice in environmental matters such as environmental proceedings, detailed studies, impact studies, works and mines surveillance, etc.

Preparation of Health Plans for the city of Vitoria – Gasteiz, according to the European programme of the WHO

Population characterisation and analysis of demographic and environmental factors, lifestyle, medical care and socio-economic conditions. The goal is to design health plans according to strategic lines and actions for mitigating the principle inequalities in health and promoting equal opportunities.

Sustainability indicator system in the municipalities of Bizkaia

Updating of the quantification of the “sustainability indicator system of the municipalities of Bizkaia” defined in the year 2003 by the “Diputación Foral”, for each municipality of the Bizkaia historical territory, during the years 2004-2010.

Development of the Bizkaia 21 programme

The Bizkaia 21 Programme  is the interdepartmental master roadmap for incorporating sustainable development into all spheres of action of the Diputación Foral de Bizkaia. Its goal is to answer to the 10 commitments of Aalborg+10 endorsed by this government institution.

Assessment of the impact for health of the tunnel in Vitoria-Gasteiz

Evaluation of the project in relation to its possible effects for the health of the population, identification of possible impacts for the different stages of the project and recommendations for reducing negative impacts and strengthening positive ones.

Corporate social responsibility strategic plan for the Crèdit Andorrà bank

Design of a corporate social responsibility plan with steps to improve social, environmental and economic issues.

Integrated environmental authorisation of the SOLAL (AIR LIQUIDE) Plant in the Solvay facilities in Torrelavega

Preparation of the necessary studies for obtaining the integrated environmental authorization (AAI), with particular focus on: foreseeable impacts for the atmosphere, the health of local residents, and biodiversity.

Advice on environmental legislation

Advice to businesses, large organisations and industrial groups for the obtention of environmental authorisations and permits in line with the current European legislative framework.

Water Planning of Basque river basins

Development of an instrument based on the Framework Water Directive for management of inland, coastal and estuarine water bodies to satisfy water demands, with the harmonisation of territorial and sectoral balance and increased  need for the resource, protecting its quality and rationalising its use.